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Light Grillin’

Here’s a simple and healthy grilled chicken recipe for the warmer outdoor season: Ingredients: Instructions: This recipe yields 4 servings of delicious and healthy grilled

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Health/Fitness Coaching

We could all use a buddy to help keep us accountable. 

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What to choose when you don’t know what to choose

Super Foods

There are some foods that are all around fabulous

Healthy Shopping

Let’s talk about shopping

dinner Plans

Need quick health-conscious meals?

Check out Easy Clean Eats for nutritious, quick prep, easy clean-up meals.


Why you should be here


There are physical challenges that come with age. Our bodies have different requirements than they did in our 20's, and 30's.


Embrace life, take pride in what your body has been through. Connect your heart and your mind.


Exercise and nutrition are key to keeping energy levels high. Learn how to generate abundant energy.

Personal Journal

Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal and writing down goals helps us achieve more and reminds us of the things in life that help us vibrate higher.  Of course you can use any journal you like. The idea is to write what is on your mind. We’ll help you get started if you have never kept a journal before. And we are working on a personalized one as well.

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Need a new challenge or motivation?

You can get Dani’s FREE mini-course on goal setting HERE!


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