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Mind And matter

What does it take to succeed? How does true transformation happen?

I am not one of those women blessed with a high metabolic rate and naturally slim physique. In fact, I have been working out and/or dieting in some fashion or another my whole life. And still, my body type is more stocky and athletic than slim and petite. 

I have been in and out of the health & fitness industries for over three decades; it was a personal crusade to help other people learn the things I was learning, and I was too excited about the knowledge I gained to keep it to myself.

Through it all, my weight on the scale went up and down. But one thing that remained consistent is the knowledge that our minds control our bodies. Our minds control our energy. My body has been through having children, major surgeries, cancer treatment, being in top notch fighting shape and also too much indulgence in food, alcohol and depression. My new challenge is menopause. Yes, when I hit the big 5-0 did my body let me know. 

My mission is to be a resource for anyone who can relate to any or all of these things that are part of life. I am a certified health coach and personal trainer with ISSA and have training in art therapy, music therapy and strategic intervention.

50 Fabulous & Fun is a Philosophy

Good mindset, healthy nutrition habits, and fun physical movement are all part of creating that inner joy that everyone strives for. Let’s journey together.

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